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What problems should be paid attention to when solving the ac sound of transformers
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The sound of transformer is a problem worthy of research. The common ac sound of transformer is a common way and characteristic of transformer. The sound of transformer can be used to judge its operation status and realize the effect and advantage. The most common sound of a transformer is the ac sound. In order to solve the problem of ac sound of the transformer, it is necessary to continuously improve and ensure the state and effect of the transformer operation, so as to realize the stable operation of the transformer.

Solve the transformer ac sound, focus on the following points:

1. Silicon steel sheets are inserted and stacked neatly, and the gap between the middle tongue and the coil of e-shaped silicon steel sheets should be squeezed with insulation plates and sheets.

2, the four corners of the screw must be tightened, small transformer iron riding clip to tighten.

3, according to the requirements of drying, soaking insulation paint, insulation paint to permeate into the gaps and knot.

4. When designing the circuit, the transformer shall not be placed on the soft sheet metal and shall be kept away from the preamplifier as far as possible.

5, in the higher requirements of the circuit, consider the transformer additional shielding cover.

Above is the transformer ac should pay attention to the common problems for your reference, we should continue to pay attention to the operation of the transformer, transformer performance and efficiency to improve constantly, so that the transformer will play a huge performance and economic benefits!

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