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What are the conditions for an immediate blackout of a running dry type transformer
Release time:2019-3-7 11:25:13      Hit count:206

1. The dry type transformer is on fire. In this case, the dry type transformer is to be discontinued

2. After serious damage and discharge of the bushing of the dry type transformer is found, stop using the bushing and let the staff check it

3, dry type transformer oil pillow and airway spray oil and smoke

4, dry type transformer oil in the presence of carbon, oil color change is too large, it is necessary to stop inspection

5, dry type transformer loud noise and there is sound, to stop, the occurrence of dangerous accidents

6. Under the condition of normal load and cooling, the oil temperature of the dry type transformer is abnormal and keeps rising

Dry type transformer needs power failure when these symptoms appear, without power failure, there will be life danger, but also damage to dry type transformer, we need to solve. If is meets above several kinds one must carry on the careful processing, in order to avoid produces the danger!

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